I am a thoroughly uninteresting individual living Birmingham, England.

Like many of those who belong to my generation my first artistic endeavours were inspired by watching Neil Buchanan present Art Attack on Saturday mornings, I watched intently thinking ‘I can do this!’ So when gifted with my first set of ‘proper’ crayons I sat before my blank piece of paper with excitement brewing in my belly as I would dream of all the fantastic things that could create. And, without hesitation, I began.

Once done, I looked upon my invention and could not believe my eyes – I had indeed created nothing more than a scribble! A decade later and I am still producing scribbles but in a way that is more refined. (I hope!).

As my interest in art grew so did my interest in music, philosophy and literature – creative spheres that all seem to fuel each other. My intrigue in photography and video, however, is something that has grown over recent years and continues to be an exciting medium.

Currently, I am due to embark on my third year as a graphic design student.

(All pieces of work are copyrighted to Sharon Jheeta).



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